10 Ways to Become More Valuable to Your Company


Feeling undervalued? Here are 10 ways to become more valuable to your company:

1) Keep up to date with the latest technologies and practices in your industry.

2) Improve your knowledge through professional development opportunities, conferences and classes.

3) Ask the tough questions that nobody wants to ask.

4) Join the trade association for your profession.

5) Get to work earlier and spend some time thinking about ways to improve your companies processes, business practices or customer service policies.

6) Cut down on unnecessary meetings.

7) Offer to help a colleague or senior manager with a project that may not be part of your portfolio but can add value to them.

8) Improve your communication skills to better tailor your message to your audience.

9) Find ways to increase positive media attention for your company.

10) Research new software tools that might be useful for improving the effectiveness of your company or department.

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  1. I can personally vouch for these tactics. I have employed almost all of them in my career (apart from the early start – I’m a night owl and would rather stay back late if I’m going to put in extra hours). As a result, I’ve become a sort of “go to girl” at each place I’ve worked.

  2. Reblogged this on The Goldsmith Project and commented:
    I think the ways to increase your value outlined in Matt’s article apply to everyone, whether working for the man or self-employed.

    I just made a list of small goals to help me increase my value!

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