10 Reasons To Travel This Year

I came across this fantastic article that really hit the mark on why every young person should travel. I’ve been one of those people who talked about travelling for years but always found myself making excuses for not going. Well, I planned my first big trip away to Peru for a month in March/April and I’m stoked! Read this article for 10 great reasons why you should travel!


  1. Hi Matt,
    Good on you for choosing Peru! Will you be seeing Machu Picchu? I definitely agree with traveling more. Certainly it change your perspective on how you see the world and the cool projects and events all around the world will also shape and change your views on business and marketing.
    I’d love to do more traveling, but I’m not the solo traveler type. Still, tentative plans are in the works for March/April as well, so here’s hoping I can think of something to get me out of here!


    1. Hey Lilian! I’ll definitely be checking out Machu Picchu while i’m down there. I’m hoping to live blog my trip as well if I can find a good internet connection. In response to your point about not wanting to travel alone, I’ve been told that joining a tour group is always a great way to meet people.

      1. I guess my fear regarding traveling alone has to do with security reasons. Even in a tour group, if you don’t have someone you know and already trust, anything can happen in another city or country.

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