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Matt is a blogger, marketing strategist, and business development manager. Matt has worked in the agency, brand, and supplier sides of the marketing industry in various roles.  Although originally from Vancouver, Matt is curently based in Toronto where he works at the global engagement marketing agency GMR Marketing. When not collaborating on marketing projects, Matt loves to paint and is a yoga enthusiast. Youcan connect with Matt throughTwitter (@mjmchong), Linkedin (Matthewchong) or by email (matt@thepinstripedsuit.com).


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  2. Like you Matt, I have a similar background in working with small business, non-profit, legal and am looking to start my own venture primarily in the international sphere. What are your venture ideas if I may ask?

  3. Hey man! You’re writing is awesome, you are extremely talented. I am interested in getting in contact with you so that I can offer you an opportunity to get your writing/blogging out to a bigger audience. If you could e-mail me back as soon as possible that’d be awesome! Thanks so much :) If you could e-mail me at Jess@Polynate.me .. That would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Hey Matt!

    Insightful blog! I like your observation of common fashion failures with suits. As a young professional working in downtown, I can certainly see at least one of these fashion failures everyday to and from my office. Are people too busy to care or they simply don’t know where to find tips on proper attire? Lucky for them, they can be saved by reading this blog. “Look sharp, live smart”. Keep up the good writing and ideas flowing! One tip I would give is to learn how to tie a tie. And I’m not talking about choosing matching patterns, or how perfect the knot needs to be, as much as they are important as well. I’m specifically talking about adjusting the tie so it falls just around the belt buckle and not too far above or below. It catches my eye every time and no matter how nice your suit is, it ruins the professional image for me.

  5. Hi Matt,
    Great blog you have here. I’ve been running my blog/business, In Retrospect Writing Services for a few years now and have only recently gotten traction in the form of consistent and reliable content, format and design. What I’m having trouble with is promotion. I promote through the usual suspects of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as e-mails to key connections in my network. But, I want to build up a good audience/comment base instead of having to deal with spam bots all the time. Given the fact that you have quite the following and have been featured on Freshly Pressed, I was wondering if you had any tips for me to get more good quality comments and interactions through the door.

  6. Hi Matt,

    i am new in blogosphere, soemway this is one of the first places where i drop on and that seems to be a good thing… so you may be more expert than me. maybe you could give me some advises to have a good start!
    thank you

  7. Hi Matt!
    Great blog and getting better by the day.. useful and creative content which makes me want to start my own blog but I realize the long way I have to go until I am really ready for it… cheers from México City!

  8. Hi i am new in blogosphere, soemway this is the first place where i drop on and that seems to be a good thing… so you may be more expert than me. maybe you could give me some advises to have a good start!
    thank you

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