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6 Marketing Tactics that Marketers Fall For


I wish I could say that marketers are immune to the plethora of marketing tricks, advertising and sales promotions that exist but sadly, we aren’t. Although marketers spend their day planning the exact same tactics to increase sales, acquire new customers, increase roi and move product, they still fall prey to them.

Here is a list of the most common tactics that marketers fall for:

1) Discounts

These are the worst! This morning I received an email from one of my favorite fashion brands with a 40% off sale for three hours on their online store. Instantly my brain went into overdrive scouring the site for clothing that I didn’t really need. It’s amazing how saving a buck will get you every time.

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3 TED Talk Playlists I’m Watching Right Now


Last year, I made a commitment to try to watch a TED Talk every morning while I ate breakfast. This lasted for a few weeks but in that time, I absorbed an enormous amount of ideas, inspiration and actionable steps for creating great work.

Recently, I noticed that TED now has playlists which are organized by topic or by an individual. This is awesome! I normally find TED Talks by browsing or clicking on a link through Facebook. Having a collection of videos on one topic, in one place is great for absorbing tons of ideas worth spreading.

If you’re looking for a little Sunday motivation, check out these three awesome TED Talk playlists I’m watching right now. (I’ve noticed you can’t embed playlists the same way you share individual talks so the playlist links are embedded in the titles) I’ve embedded my favorite video from each playlist into the post.

1) Work smarter (11 talks)

Work smarter is a fantastic collection of TED Talks including some of my favorite authors such as Simon Sinek (Start with Why), Shawn Achor (The Happiness Advantage) and Jason Fried (37 Signals).

2) The Creative Spark (10 talks)

The Creative Spark includes inspiring talks by Elizabeth Gilbert (Your elusive creative genius), Ken Robinson (Schools kill creativity) and David Kelly (How to build your creative confidence). Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk is one my absolute favorite TED Talks.

3) A Better You (11 talks)

The A Better You playlist is a collection of success masters ranging from John Wooden to Tony Robbins. Make sure to check out Matt Cutt’s talk on “Try something new for 30 days”.

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3 To Do List Apps That Will Change Your Life


Today kicks off my 30 day challenge to write a new blog post every day. I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out!

I frequently write about productivity tools I use, but today I’m going to tell you about the 3 essential tools I use for keeping my To Do lists from overwhelming me.

Each app has different features and benefits but together, they make for a kick ass team of organizational mojo.


1) Astrid

Astrid is a standard to To Do list app that allows you to create lot’s of different lists and reminders. Out of the three tools, I use Astrid the most because of its accessibility of having both iOS apps and a web app. Once you set a reminder on Astrid, it will pop up on your phone with funny messages if you don’t check it off before the task is due.


2) Teamly

Teamly is a web app that encourages you to try to set your top 5 priorities for the day. In the early days, Teamly would actually restrict the number of items on your list to 5. That function seems to be gone now but it is still a very useful app for establishing your daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly priorities. I use this app for project planning and to keep focused on what my key priorities each day. One great feature of this app is that you can move items forward in time so if you don’t get to them today, you can add them to tomorrow’s list. It’s great to get a snapshot of what your key priorities are for both your short and long term projects.


3) Producteev

Producteev is similar to Astrid; however, a major feature that sets it apart from other to list apps is the ability to create sub-lists within your main list. This is really helpful for project work and for assigning other team members with tasks. I use producteev a lot for collaboration on projects as well a capture tool to allow me visualize all the small critical path items that need to get done in a project. The email feature which allows you to send tasks to other people is great for assigning responsibility right after a planning meeting.

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10 Ways to Become More Valuable to Your Company


Feeling undervalued? Here are 10 ways to become more valuable to your company:

1) Keep up to date with the latest technologies and practices in your industry.

2) Improve your knowledge through professional development opportunities, conferences and classes.

3) Ask the tough questions that nobody wants to ask.

4) Join the trade association for your profession.

5) Get to work earlier and spend some time thinking about ways to improve your companies processes, business practices or customer service policies.

6) Cut down on unnecessary meetings.

7) Offer to help a colleague or senior manager with a project that may not be part of your portfolio but can add value to them.

8) Improve your communication skills to better tailor your message to your audience.

9) Find ways to increase positive media attention for your company.

10) Research new software tools that might be useful for improving the effectiveness of your company or department.

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