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5 Ways To Advance Your Career

The millennial generation is often criticized for being lazy, self-centred and lacking foresight. At times I agree with this statement but generally, I think millennials are really just misunderstood. Our way of doing things is different. We don’t like being told what to do. We believe the system is broken. And we all want to work for ourselves. These are of course, sweeping generalizations but to sum it up, our generation is about creating change and starting something that we can call our own.

So how do we build a career, whether it be as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur (See my article on intrapreneurship for more details) when the odds seem stacked up against us? I believe it’s about bringing your most creative ideas and a pragmatic approach to building your career.

Here are 5 key ideas that I’ve learned through my experience that will help you get ahead in your career.

1) Think beyond yourself

This may sound like spiritual wisdom but it’s really practical. What I really mean by this is to look big picture. Every day, what are you doing to advance your company, your investors, your projects, your peers? How are you adding value? When you start thinking beyond yourself, you see how you role impacts the world around you. Direct your energy towards making the lives of the people around you (i.e. bosses, stakeholders, and investors) easier and you will reap tremendous benefits.

2) The details do matter

I always use to joke that I was an “ideas” guy and my job was to figure out the vision and other people could figure out how to make it happen. I’ve realized through executing my own ideas that this simply isn’t true. The person developing the idea has to understand the mechanics and details of how it comes to life just as well as the person executing. In order to lead and direct the person executing the idea, they need to understand how it is grounded in reality.

3) Watch trends. Read industry news. Stay relevant.

Find out what’s happening in your industry on a daily basis. Check popular media news sites, blogs, thought leaders and begin to analyze how your industry is changing. This will not only allow you to gather information on how you  or your company can perform better but will also be a great conversation starter.

4) Grow your network purposefully

I’ve always been a big champion of networking. I don’t mean just going to events, have a drink in hand and try to mingle. I mean purposefully developing connections who might need your help or might be able to help you with something. And even if it’s somebody who simply has a different perspective than you, you’ll find these people highly valuable in the future.

5) Look to the future

See how your job is evolving with your industry. Identify the skills and experience you’ll need not only to advance within your own company but also to advance in your industry. Is it coding skills? UX design? New management philosophies? Future proof your career by understanding how your job will need to change as the world demands new talent with better skills.

IBM Video Campaign: Smarter Marketing

I was at a BCAMA Breakfast Speaker Series event this morning and I had the pleasure of hearing a number of senior level marketers speak on the topic of “Re-inventing the Role of a Senior Marketer“,

One of the speakers Geraldine Tenten, Director of Marketing for IBM Canada had a fantastic presentation on how the CMO role is changing. My favorite part of her talk was the videos that IBM developed for its business solutions customers to understand how to be smarter at marketing. I love these videos because they are highly educational and relevant to marketers today.

Check out the videos below.

Smarter Marketing: Meet your customer

Smarter Marketing: Know your customer

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When Should You Give Away Free Professional Advice?


As a marketer and blogger, I frequently get approached for professional advice by friends and acquaintances. I usually don’t mind giving people a few tips here and there but sometimes I wonder where the line is between giving away advice and getting paid for it.

I believe that It’s a good practice to share your expertise and knowledge with people; however, when people start asking for specific advice relating to their business, I think they should be paying you.

Professionals such as consultants, lawyers, doctors and accountants earn their livelihood from their time or “billable hours”. This means that every free idea or piece of advice they give away takes away from their potential income. For example, I’d never approach a lawyer or accountant and ask for free professional advice because those are typically services you’d pay for.

As a consultant, I find that a good practice is to give a potential client a free analysis of their business or an idea to work with and then lead into suggesting a possible business relationship.

What are your thoughts on giving away free professional advice?

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How to Nail Your Profile Picture on Your Social Media Accounts


So I’m back from a two day creative break from posting new content to the blog. I’ve brainstormed some really neat posts that i’ll be uploading soon!

Today, I want to talk about profile pictures for your social media accounts. I’m always amazed at how many awful pictures there are on Twitter, Linkedin and even Facebook. Your profile picture is typically the first thing people see when they visit your social media page. You want to make a good impression and also look natural. When people see your picture, they automatically form an opinion about your personality, content and your reputation.

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30 Day Blogging Challenge Complete!


Over the last few 30 days, I have been blogging every day as a challenge to myself to be creative and to develop new content for the blog. Publishing a new blog post every day has been fantastic in terms of being able to share new ideas with the online community and also to develop a focus for the content of this blog.

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