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IBM Video Campaign: Smarter Marketing

I was at a BCAMA Breakfast Speaker Series event this morning and I had the pleasure of hearing a number of senior level marketers speak on the topic of “Re-inventing the Role of a Senior Marketer“,

One of the speakers Geraldine Tenten, Director of Marketing for IBM Canada had a fantastic presentation on how the CMO role is changing. My favorite part of her talk was the videos that IBM developed for its business solutions customers to understand how to be smarter at marketing. I love these videos because they are highly educational and relevant to marketers today.

Check out the videos below.

Smarter Marketing: Meet your customer

Smarter Marketing: Know your customer

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5 Tips to Better Project Management


Project Management is a vital skill as important as sales, customer service and accounting.

What I’ve found, is that most people understand the basic principles of Project Management but fail in situations where the rules need to be slightly amended or when decisions need to be made that fall outside of an existing framework.

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How Lottery Companies are Embracing Web and Mobile Technology


I was driving to work today and I noticed the $50 million Lotto Max sign. If you’re not familiar with this lottery, it’s one of the biggest jackpots in British Columbia. When the Lotto Max hits $50 million for two consecutive weeks, new $1 million jackpots called Max Millions are added to the draw.

I’m not much of a gambler but I occasionally buy lottery tickets especially when the Lotto Max hits $50 million. There is this small part of me that clings to the fantasy of winning a big jackpot and using it to finance the items on my bucket list. (If you don’t have a bucket list, check out for an awesome tool for creating your bucket list.

This got me thinking about how technology is increasing the accessibility of lotteries.  I remember the days when the only places you could buy lottery tickets was at the grocery store or at a gas station.

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When Should You Give Away Free Professional Advice?


As a marketer and blogger, I frequently get approached for professional advice by friends and acquaintances. I usually don’t mind giving people a few tips here and there but sometimes I wonder where the line is between giving away advice and getting paid for it.

I believe that It’s a good practice to share your expertise and knowledge with people; however, when people start asking for specific advice relating to their business, I think they should be paying you.

Professionals such as consultants, lawyers, doctors and accountants earn their livelihood from their time or “billable hours”. This means that every free idea or piece of advice they give away takes away from their potential income. For example, I’d never approach a lawyer or accountant and ask for free professional advice because those are typically services you’d pay for.

As a consultant, I find that a good practice is to give a potential client a free analysis of their business or an idea to work with and then lead into suggesting a possible business relationship.

What are your thoughts on giving away free professional advice?

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6 Marketing Tactics that Marketers Fall For


I wish I could say that marketers are immune to the plethora of marketing tricks, advertising and sales promotions that exist but sadly, we aren’t. Although marketers spend their day planning the exact same tactics to increase sales, acquire new customers, increase roi and move product, they still fall prey to them.

Here is a list of the most common tactics that marketers fall for:

1) Discounts

These are the worst! This morning I received an email from one of my favorite fashion brands with a 40% off sale for three hours on their online store. Instantly my brain went into overdrive scouring the site for clothing that I didn’t really need. It’s amazing how saving a buck will get you every time.

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