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TED Talk: Sergey Brin – “Why Google Glass?”

Google Glass is going to revolutionize how we connect with each other. Watch this short 7 minute video on how the concept for Google Glass was originally created.

For more information on google glass, visit the ultra-cool website.

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Turn Your Tablet Into a Workstation with the CloudOn App

Cloudon 1

I frequently use mobile devices to get work done while i’m in between my office and home desktop computers. As my laptop is a couple of years old, I don’t usually carry it around as it’s pretty chunky. So instead, I use my ipad paired with a Zagg Keyboard to get work done on the go. Up until now, it’s been a hassle trying to sync my work PC files while I’m away from the office.  Continue reading

Lumosity Update – Part 1


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the effectiveness of brain training games like Lumosity. At the time, I’d be using the Lumosity iPhone app on a daily basis to see if I could measure a noticeable difference in the key areas that the Lumosity games are supposed to improve.

I’ve been continuing to use the Lumosity iPhone app as well as the Lumosity website games to train my brain. So far, my scores have been improving on a weekly basis. At first, the scores increased dramatically, and now they are increasing incrementally.

So the real question is, how are the brain training Lumosity games actually helping me in real life? Well, first off, I’ve been using Lumosity in the mornings to exercise my brain before getting to work and I notice that my creativity and “awakeness” has improved. Some of the Lumosity games actually stress me out a little bit so that helps for waking me up.

I’ve also noticed a slight improvement in my focus, especially in brainstorming and project work. Another added benefit I’ve noticed is that I feel like i’m sharper in terms of thinking quickly on my feet.

Finally, my memory in terms of recalling facts from reading or conversations has improved as well. I’ve definitely noticed this as I’ve had tons of meetings over the last little while and there is often a lot of little details to remember.

I’ve only been using Lumosity for six weeks now, so we’ll see what happens at the end of 90 days. The challenge is that although I am noticing an improvement in the areas I mentioned above, I’m not sure if this can be directly attributed to Lumosity or to other factors that i’m not thinking about.

I’ll check back with you at the end of my 90 trial period!

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