How To Develop Your Personal Brand – Part 2


In last week’s article “How to Develop Your Personal Brand – Part 1” I outlined ideas on how to build your personal brand using social media and professional appearance.

Today, I’m going to talk more about how your work and projects can strengthen your personal brand. A few days ago, I had a great conversation with an entrepreneur who runs a job posting website for marketers. One of my biggest takeaways from our conversation was the trend of specialization. Specifically, employers and clients are now looking for people who are experts in a specific area in their field and have results to show for it. For example, if you are interested in SEO, then you should focus on digging deep in this area and creating a reputation for yourself. If you are a photographer, you should define your niche and own that space. In marketing, we use the term “Unique Selling Proposition” or USP to define the differentiating factor of a product or service. The idea of a USP can also be applied to your what. The question you have to ask yourself is “What do you want to be known for?”.

Another way to develop your personal brand is to become a thought leader. Find ways to create content that will define your expertise and reputation. If you are a marketer who is passionate about sustainability, consider creating content about how marketing and sustainability go hand in hand. Once you have content, you can seek out a trade publication, website or start your own media outlet. By sharing your ideas, you increase the awareness of yourself and your personal brand. The key thing to remember is that you don’t need to be an expert right away. Share the information you know and continue as your knowledge grows.

Finally, look to examples of other people who have excelled at creating their own personal brand. I think of people like Ryan Holiday, Seth Godin, Pete Cashmore and Arianna Huffingon who have all influenced the digital world by developing their personal brand. Study what they’ve done to create their brands and emulate those tactics in your own personal branding strategy.

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