How to Nail Your Profile Picture on Your Social Media Accounts


So I’m back from a two day creative break from posting new content to the blog. I’ve brainstormed some really neat posts that i’ll be uploading soon!

Today, I want to talk about profile pictures for your social media accounts. I’m always amazed at how many awful pictures there are on Twitter, Linkedin and even Facebook. Your profile picture is typically the first thing people see when they visit your social media page. You want to make a good impression and also look natural. When people see your picture, they automatically form an opinion about your personality, content and your reputation.

So let’s start with what not to do.


  •  Use a random picture from a party you were at on the weekend. Nothing says unprofessional like you holding a beer in your profile picture.
  • Use a grainy or dark picture of yourself. This looks creepy and doesn’t allow people to see you.
  • Use a picture of yourself where your head is partially cut off.
  • Use a picture that is too small.
  • Use an object or logo in place of a real picture. People want to see authenticity.
  • Use a personal photo if you are trying to use your social media account for business.
  • Have a fake smile in your picture.

And now, here are some tips on some things you should do for your photo.


  • Smile!
  • Get a photographer to do a professional head shot. (Trust me, this is worth every penny)
  • Use a white or neutral background so it doesn’t compete with your face.
  • Make sure the lighting in your picture brightens up your face.
  • Look at the camera.
  • Make sure your photo is flattering.

Remember that having a great profile picture says a lot about you.. You want to make sure you nail it and give people a reason to come back to your Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook pages.

For information on how to get a good head shot, check out the post by Wendy D on “How to Create a Professional Head Shot“.

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    1. Thanks for reading the blog! A good way to increase traffic to your blog is to comment on other blogs so good job!

  1. This was great, I have been putting off taking professional headshots, not only for my bio pic on my company website, but also for my newly founded blog. I will definitely look into contacting a few professional photographers in my rolodex. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading the blog! Even if you can’t hire a professional photographer, a friend with a good camera will do well too!

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