6 Marketing Tactics that Marketers Fall For


I wish I could say that marketers are immune to the plethora of marketing tricks, advertising and sales promotions that exist but sadly, we aren’t. Although marketers spend their day planning the exact same tactics to increase sales, acquire new customers, increase roi and move product, they still fall prey to them.

Here is a list of the most common tactics that marketers fall for:

1) Discounts

These are the worst! This morning I received an email from one of my favorite fashion brands with a 40% off sale for three hours on their online store. Instantly my brain went into overdrive scouring the site for clothing that I didn’t really need. It’s amazing how saving a buck will get you every time.

2) Free Stuff

How many times have you walked by a credit card booth that offers a free clock, calendar, pen…etc.? For some reason, in our culture “free” is addictive. The lengths we will go to get something for free is astounding.

3) Free Shipping 

Every time I shop at Amazon, I always go for the $25 limit. Sure it’s a good deal but eventually you are going to exhaust your wish list and end up buying something you don’t need just to get free shipping. Free shipping gets me every time. I spend an extra $10-$12 on a book just to get the free shipping so I can feel like I saved some money.

4) Contests

I was at a conference recently and an advertising agency was giving away an iPad mini if you entered their contest. Of course I entered and was checking facebook every day to see if i’d won. Contests are literally a data grab to get your contact information.

5) Daily Deal websites

Okay, how many groupon, social shopper, living social….etc. coupons do you have sitting around that you haven’t used yet? If your like me, you have a ton of them. At the time, it seemed like a great idea, (i.e. sure, 70% off a month of kickboxing classes sounds good) but then you forget about them and the deal expires. Then you’re really just paying regular price for a product/service that you never would have bought in the first place. (The only exception is the Starbucks one which i’ve used within a week each time)

6) Freebies with minimum purchase

Saje Natural Wellness does an amazing job of this. Each week, they feature a new premium freebie that is available with every purchase over $40. Sometimes the premium is actually a discount on another item, so you think you are getting a really good deal but instead your buying something you didn’t need in the first place. I fall for this every time. Enough said.

*Special thanks to Vincent and Lucille for their ideas on this post.

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  1. I can definitely relate. I’ve actually tried some of these in the past. Now they are things I try to avoid when I’m optimizing my sites. I’ve realized that the most important thing to offer is value. Education or something that you can take with you and apply in other areas of your life as well. If they choose to spend even a penny, I try to make it worth a dollar. You’ve definitely touched on solid ground with this post! Thanks

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