Tackle your Habits with the Habit Master App

Have you ever wanted to pick up a positive habit but kept forgetting to do it? Or have you started a new diet/exercise routine and want to keep track of how many days you stick to your plan? Or how many times have you wanted to start reading a book a week but it never happens?

Well, there is a great app that does the work for you. Habit Master keeps track of your daily, weekly and monthly habits in an easy to use interface. It also keeps a record of how many days in a row you complete your habits so you can watch your progress. You can also customize your habits so that it skips certain days. For example, if you wanted to do situps every week day but skip weekends, you can customize the settings to only count the days that you want to keep the habit.

At the bargain price of $2.99, Habit Master is an incredibly inexpensive and effective way to keep you accountable and start adopting positive habits.

I started using Habit Master recently to start keeping track of all the different habits I’ve been trying to incorporate into my daily routine. This app keeps me focused on the highest priorities of my day, week and month so I spend less time on random activities . It’s also a great way to track how many days in a row you’ve been completing your habits.


If you forget to check off having completed a task, you can also go back and mark them off in the calendar.


Habit Master has been around for quite awhile but has recently increased in popularity. Habit Master is available for Iphone/Ipad and Android Devices.


  1. Interesting piece on the Habit Master. I recently read a piece by Reid Hoffman’s co-author (Ben Casnocha) on the number of methods he used to focus specifically on writing, ignoring all else during the creation of The Start-Up-of-You book.

    You can read Ben’s summation here:http://casnocha.com/behind-the-book-lessons-publishing-business-book?goback=%2Egmp_4214303

    In certain instances I suppose the will to focus on something rather than tracking is important, though tracking is useful for showing the accumulation of activity over a longer time period. With so much to interest us through our devices, keeping track of on-task time is likely to become even more prominent.

    Thanks for creating this post. Looking forward to reading more!

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    For sales professionals looking to get ahead, you need a system that works for you. Perhaps its as simple as building habits around successful tactics. Now there is an app for that. What do you think?

  3. I can relate to this post. I do have a hard time building good habits and routines. I did check out habit master and this post persuades me to buy it, but I am already satisfied with Regularly. Of course it does not have the current streak or longest streak feature but it helped me a lot to make sure that I don’t forget things. Check it out sometime :)

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