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The S Curve

I learned about the concept of the S curve a long time ago in a life coaching workshop. Basically, the S Curve symbolizes the ups and downs we go through in life. We start at the bottom of the S curve and then slowly build up achievements, status, money, credibility and then we plateau at the top eventually.

Once we get to the top of the curve, that plateau signifies a life change whether it be self-initiated or thrown at us out of the blue. The plateau is hard because we want to hold on to our past successes and achievements. But what we fail to see is that this is the perfect catalyst for inner growth and personal change in our lives.

If we ride through that arduous process, we will once again move up through a new S curve and find success again in a new project, venture or path.

Food for thought. :)

Water Bobble!

In the spirit of Saint Paddies Day, I have been walking around with my newly acquired green water bobble.

For those of you who don’t know, Water Bobble is an alternative to bottled water. The concept is pretty simple, you fill up your bobble with water and it filters out the chlorine and organic matter to deliver fresh tasting water. As a frequenter of the kitchen tap for my hydration, I’m glad to see that this product is now widely available in Canada and is set at an affordable price.

The Water Bobble lasts about 300 bottles or 2 months depending on usage. For me, that will probably be 300 bottles as I drink an insane amount of water on a daily basis.

At the office, it’s great because you can fill up a 1 litre bobble quickly and don’t have to worry about getting up all the time to refill it.

Right now, Water Bobble is giving away a free gift set if you buy $35 or more. It’s a heck of deal and works out to about $11 bucks a bottle. Check it out at www.waterbobble.com.