TED Talk: Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert, famous for writing the best selling book “Eat, Pray, Love” did this great TED Talk on nurturing creativity. This talk is really neat because Gilbert goes into some of the old world philosophies of where people thought that creativity originated.

If you like the video, I would recommend a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. This book has has a really neat set of exercises to challenge your creativity and abstract thought processes.



  1. I absolutely love this TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert and am all for having what she calls a “psychology construct” to keep you a safe distance from your art. At least a distance big enough so that you keep some sanity and perspective :) it’s having some compassion for yourself in the creative process. Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves can be so crippling and we end up not moving/creating anything at all.

  2. I personally believe creativity is dependent on stagnant, uncreative thought. The more people succumb to mediocrity, biases, the easier it is to be a divergent, abstract thinker. And once everyone joins in on a new wave of thought processes, it gradually becomes more standard, until we’re back to stagnation. Look at internet memes. They were funny at first. Now they’re becoming ubiquitous. Eventually they will all follow the exact same formula as the last, until they lose any sense of humor . . . or was it we that lost that sense? Then someone comes along and mixing things up again.

    1. Great insights. One book that has really been awesome at forcing me to think creatively is “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. She writes quite a bit about challenging assumptions and seeing the world through new eyes every day.

  3. I personally find the idea of externalizing the most extraordinary aspects of my being to some unimaginable source (a disembodied being/daemon/genius) quite depressing. There are other ways to cope with the pain that sometimes comes with the creative process like releasing the pain or blocks so you can access your own creative information and being neutral to the outcome all the while owning the fact that you are creative innately and the source of your own genius.

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