TED Talk: On Being Wrong

Let’s start off this fine Monday morning with a little inspiration.

One of the reasons why I love this TED Talk is because it’s so relevant to everyone. We all want to be right all the time. Last week, a colleague of mine corrected me on a word that I had used incorrectly (medium vs. media) in a presentation. My initial reaction was that of shock because I’ve been using that word for years in the wrong context but after a few seconds, I instantly appreciated the feedback. Sure my ego took a beating but at the end of the day I gained a valuable growth opportunity.

So my advice for the day is to set aside your ego and embrace being wrong. Being wrong helps us grow and widen our perspective.

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  1. I enjoyed this! Interesting how a fear of being wrong can constrict or inhibit progress… and I’ve been thinking a lot this past year about the black and white morality that many are raised with (especially in religious families). I wonder if Schulz has found a way to test fear of wrongness and correlate it with income level or something.

    1. Thanks for reading the post! I think that a fear of being wrong stifles are growth and doesn’t allow us to see big picture. It would definitely be interesting to correlate wrongness with income level!

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