The Benefits of Getting Up Early

Yesterday, I read this great article on Business Insider about the 23 Business Leaders who wake up early. I found this piece to be especially intriguing because a lot of the biographies and business books I’ve read over the years have emphasized the importance of getting up at the crack of dawn. The reason being that you end up getting ahead if you have more time to sort yourself out before you hit the ground running.

I personally like getting up early (usually 6-6:30am) because it allows me to meditate and have some time to think about the day ahead. That extra hour in the morning allows me the time to think and reflect before I get on with my day. Although I don’t get to the office super early, I do manage to check e-mails, read the news and a chapter of a business book before I head out the door.

One of the most common habits that came up in the article about early rising business leaders was exercise. Almost every business leader mentioned in the list got their exercise for the day finished up before they arrived at the office. This makes complete sense because it removes that dreaded feeling when 5:00pm rolls around when you know you should go to the gym but would rather go for a beer instead. I’m definitely going to start going to the gym in the morning to get it out of the way before my day begins.

So for all you early birds out there, good job! You’ll catch more than a worm in the long run if you keep the habit up. And for you night owls, maybe start with waking up just one hour earlier. ;)


  1. I’m definitely a night owl by nature but since I’ve made the change (around a year ago) to get up early each morning and exercise before I get into my work day, I am convinced that I will never go back! It has made all the difference in the world!

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