Turn Your Tablet Into a Workstation with the CloudOn App

Cloudon 1

I frequently use mobile devices to get work done while i’m in between my office and home desktop computers. As my laptop is a couple of years old, I don’t usually carry it around as it’s pretty chunky. So instead, I use my ipad paired with a Zagg Keyboard to get work done on the go. Up until now, it’s been a hassle trying to sync my work PC files while I’m away from the office. 

Enter CloudOn, the app that can turn your tablet into a fully functional workstation. CloudOn syncs to your dropbox, google drive and box accounts and allows you to have microsoft office available on your tablet. Unless you’re using Microsoft Surface, you’ve probably found that trying to have access to your PC files on your tablet has been a hassle if you’re using a mobile device.

Cloudon 2

Once you open up CloudOn and sync your cloud based storage, you can access all your files and modify documents, spreadsheets and other files right in the app.
CloudOn 3

CloudOn also supports PDF files which can be great for presentations and meetings.
Cloudon 4

I’ve played around with CloudOn for a few days now and so far i’m loving the easy to use interface and the ability to have all my files available and synced all the time. CloudOn is a free app for iOS and Android so you can download it and get going right away.

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