What Day of the Week is Best to Ask Your Boss for a Raise?


Last night, my friend Ana and I were talking about our respective jobs and she was filling me on a discussion she was planning on having with her boss. Ana is planning on taking a year off to travel to Australia and had decided to let her boss know today. As Ana is part of a union, she has the opportunity to take a one year leave of absence from her position.

This got us debating about what days of the week are best to ask your boss for a favor. Specifically, we talked about time off and raises. Ana said that she thought that Thursdays or Fridays are best because it is at the end of the week and your boss is generally more relaxed. I don’t necessarily agree with that because the end of the week leaves more time to have the issue unresolved by the weekend. I’m more inclined to think that a Tuesday or Wednesday would a better way to go because it’s early enough on that your boss can think about and it’s not at the very beginning of the week when people are grumpy.

Mint.com has an article titled “The Absolute Best Day to Ask for a Raise” and it states that asking for a raise in the beginning of the week is better because everyone is thinking about going home for the weekend and paperwork can easily be pushed aside.

Other than Mint.com, there wasn’t a lot of other useful resources for figuring out the best day of the week to ask your boss for a raise.

The bottom line is that regardless if you decide to ask for that raise or favor early on or later in the week, make sure to pick your timing well. Don’t ask your boss for anything when he/she is in crisis mode or dealing with a recent business challenge. If you pick a time when things are good, then they are in a better mindset to give you what you want.

What do you think is the best day to ask your boss for a raise?

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  1. I was lucky enough recently that my boss came to ME with a promotional opportunity (I start a 4-week stint in a managerial position on Monday). My 9-to-5 job is in local government, so the opportunities to ask for a raise are few and far between due to limited budgets. All I had to do was excel at my job, show interest in progression and wait for someone to leave.

    Whether it’s coincidental or not I’m not sure, but he first discussed the opportunity with me early in the week…and he looks a lot like Steve Carell. ;)

    1. Congratulations on the promotion! I’ve always heard that the formula for success is time, skills and opportunity. It sounds like the timing was right, your skills were well developed (due to hard work I’m sure) and the opportunity arose. Good luck with the new position!

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